About Mile High Outdoor

Mile High Outdoor, founded in 1996, operates over 400 billboard displays in the Denver Metro area and throughout the state of Colorado. We offer complete market coverage, exclusive and high demand areas, and well maintained sign displays on Colorado’s busiest highways and roadways. Our commitment to servicing our clients is second to none and our pride in sign displays is obvious. We look forward to executing your next outdoor advertising campaign.

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Steve Richards
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 9 Years
Industry Tenure: 24 Years
3 Interests: Family, skiing, travel
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Marcus Danneil
General Manager
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 2 years
Industry Tenure: 18 Years
3 Interests: Family, voiceover, and sports (golf, hockey, skiing, and cycling)
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Dave Riggle
Years in the industry: 11
Years with MHO: 11
3 Interests: Skiing, Hiking, Football
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Tim Small
Sr. Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 13 Years
Industry Tenure: 13 Years
3 Interests: Family, sports and billboards
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Steve Bogoyas
Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 1 year
Industry Tenure: 30 plus years
3 Interests: Skiing, hiking, and travel
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Chad Kochenberger
Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 1 Year
Industry Tenure: 1 Year
3 Interests: Going to Denver Broncos games, playing golf, and enjoying the Colorado outdoors
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Mike Napolilli
Senior Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 5 years
Industry Tenure: 5 years
3 Interests: Family, coaching lacrosse, and outdoor sports (skiing, biking)
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Nick Tabacchi
Sales Manager
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 8
Industry Tenure: 8
3 Interests: Three F's (Family, Friends, and Fun)
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Victoria Lindsay
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 3 months
Industry Tenure: 10 years
3 Interests: Concerts, camping, and Colorado
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Shannon Rhodes
Office Administrator
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 2 Years
Industry Tenure: 4 Years
3 Interests: St Bernards, Camping, Concerts

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”



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