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Mile High Outdoor, founded in 1996, operates over 400 billboard displays in the Denver Metro area and throughout the state of Colorado. We offer complete market coverage, exclusive and high demand areas, and well maintained sign displays on Colorado’s busiest highways and roadways. Our commitment to servicing our clients is second to none and our pride in sign displays is obvious. We look forward to executing your next outdoor advertising campaign.

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Steve Richards
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 15 Years
Industry Tenure: 30 Years
3 Interests: Family, Skiing, and Travel
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Marcus Danneil
Vice President/General Manager
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 8 Years
Industry Tenure: 24 Years
3 Interests: Family, Voiceover, and Sports (Golf, Hockey, Skiing, and Cycling)
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Dave Riggle
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 17 Years
Industry Tenure: 17 Years
3 Interests: Skiing, Hiking, and Football
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Tim Small
Sr. Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 19 Years
Industry Tenure: 19 Years
3 Interests: Family, Sports, and Billboards
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Chad Kochenberger
Real Estate Development Representative
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 6 Years
Industry Tenure: 6 Years
3 Interests: Going to Denver Broncos games, Playing Golf, and Enjoying the Colorado Outdoors
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Mike Napolilli
Sr. Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 10 Years
Industry Tenure: 10 Years
3 Interests: Family, Sports, and the Great Outdoors!
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Nick Tabacchi
Sales Manager
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 15 Years
Industry Tenure: 15 Years
3 Interests: Three F's (Family, Friends, and Fun)
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Shannon Rhodes
Office Administrator
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 7 Years
Industry Tenure: 10 Years
3 Interests: Concerts, St Bernards, and Paddle Boarding
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Annie Patterson
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 3 Years
Industry Tenure: 3 Year
3 Interests: Dogs, Music, and Travel
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Rob Godby
Creative Director
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 3 Year
Industry Tenure: 25+ Years
3 Interests: Family, Endurance Sports, and Good Design
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Laura McCann
Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 4 Years
Industry Tenure: 20+ Years
3 Interests: Spending Time With Family, Watching Her Two Daughters Play Basketball and Softball, and Playing Tennis...and Pretty Much Anything That She Can Do Outside!
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Dave Brunacci
Account Executive
Mile High Outdoor Tenure: 1 Years
Industry Tenure: 21 Years
3 Interests: Pickleball, Camping, and Coin Collecting

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability:

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Operating in Oregon, Colorado and Washington, we live and work amongst a population that cares deeply about the earth. Here’s a quick summary of our efforts to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

LED screen

The Grid

Mile high and Pacific have converted 100% of its light fixtures to LED. This has netted an approximate decrease of 2/3 of electrical consumption.

purple nebula and cosmic dust in star field

Digital Displays

Every digital conversion saves approximately 12 trips to change copy and maintain the sign, which means less fuel consumption and carbon emissions as well as less risk of injury to our installers since the do not have to climb the signs.

Downcast nature of the baffles and LED bulbs means less light spillage into the dark sky.

Newer digital display technology has cut electrical consumption by over 50% compared to the first generation displays.

plastic resin pellets

Vinyl Material

We no longer print on posters for our Juniors (which used to go in the landfill)

We print on eco-vinyl and 7.5 oz standard vinyl.

Over 90% of standard 7.5 oz vinyl is repurposed (landscape materials, grocery bags, pool liners, hay covers, shelter in 3rd world countries and for other types of bags (surf boards, skis, duffles, etc).

Eco-vinyl breaks down over time in the land fill or is smashed down and used for pellets.

metal diamond plate

Billboard Structures

When a billboard is removed, we are able to recycle or repurpose/reuse almost 100% of the parts including the steel, concrete, ladders, decks, sections, electrical material and bulbs.

water bottle used by employee

In Office

We are responsible about recycling paper, cans, bottles, cardboard and other material.

We have converted our entire office to LED bulbs which are more energy efficient.

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We are not perfect, but we do a pretty darn good job and will continue to look for ways we can improve and preserve our wonderful planet!

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”



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