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Our Outdoor Billboards Signs in Colorado Deliver Impact to Your Marketing Needs

Billboard Signs, commonly referred to as bulletins, are the advertising medium of choice when it comes to delivering impact to your marketing message. Their larger than life size (10’x30’, 14’x48’, 20’x60’) combined with strategic placement on some of Colorado’s most travelled arteries, catapults your brand and message into the forefront of consumer exposure. Our outdoor billboard advertising programs can be customized to rotate throughout the market or permanently stay in one location. Your campaign will be exposed to high traffic transit areas on surface streets as well as highways and interstates. Mile High Outdoor will strategically plan how to best reach your target demographic and help with your design and creative needs. This type of outdoor billboard advertising also lends itself to excellent creative flexibility through extensions off of the top of side of the billboard sign, as well as the ability to mount 3D embellishments. 

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Reap the Benefits of Billboard Advertising

Here are some statistics that show the effectiveness of outdoor billboards and their potential impact:

  • Billboard signs and OOH drives 3x more digital and social activation than any other ad medium
  • Billboards and OOH (Out of Home) Advertising increase mobile search by as much as 54%
  • 71% of people say they remember the billboard signs they see
  • 56% of people say they talk about funny billboards to others
  • 58% of people say they visited a restaurant they learned about from a billboard
  • 58% of people say they attend an event they learned about from a billboard
  • 50% of people say they went to a store they learned about from a billboard

Mile High Outdoor’s Advantageous Coverage and High Quality Service

Mile High Outdoor offers some of the most comprehensive coverage in the market. Not only can we deliver your message throughout the Denver metro area, but we have the exclusive ability to target suburban areas such as the southeastern and northwestern suburbs. Our highly experienced staff will guide and design your ideal outdoor advertising campaign strategy. Our billboard advertising company’s staff combines over 100 years of industry experience, and also lives, works, and plays, in the same areas you are looking to advertise. This tenure is simply second to none.

 Highlights of our bulletin board advertising service coverage include areas such as:

  • Downtown Denver 
  • Cherry Creek
  • LoDo
  • I-70 and I-25 corridors and mountain traffic
  • The heavy retail corridors of S. Broadway and Colfax
  • The northwest suburbs of Arvada, Broomfield, Westminster and Northglenn
  • The southeastern suburbs of Denver, Aurora, and Centennial
  • Grand Junction
  • Southern Colorado including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canon City

Our Billboard Advertising Company Is Committed to Your Success

Mile High Outdoor’s team is invested in our client’s success. We are Colorado experts with the unquenchable desire to be the best billboard advertising company from coast to coast. We are here to guide our clients to success and want to grow with them. Our sales approach is consultative and we offer turnkey services that include design, production, and installation throughout Denver and the state of Colorado. When you advertise on a Mile High Outdoor billboard sign, your brand will stand amongst the biggest brands. Seven of the top ten brands in the US utilize Out of Home Advertising in their marketing mix. We are passionate about developing a successful campaign for your brand, and committed to earning your business year after year.

Billboard Advertising Campaign Styles

Our billboard signs for rent can be purchased in two primary campaign styles:

Rotary Bulletins

A rotary bulletin program provides the advertiser movement throughout the market. Whether you have one outdoor billboard or multiple, your message will rotate from location to location every 4 to 8 weeks. This helps build reach within the market and gives consumers the feeling that you have more outdoor billboard locations than actually purchased. Rotary bulletin programs also enable advertisers to reach different areas based on campaign strategy, and allows them to target multiple demographics.

Permanent Bulletins

With our permanent bulletin board advertising services your billboard ad will stay in the same location for an extended period of time. It is a great way for advertisers to “claim” a spot within the market and make that billboard location synonymous with their brand. These are typically bought in periods of six months to a year, or even multiple years in certain circumstances. Our permanent billboard signs for rent are also commonly used for direction campaigns, directing traffic to a specific business location.

Billboard Production Details

Our billboard advertising company’s creative department is here to help you with design and campaign ideas if needed. We will also facilitate the printing of your billboard vinyl through one of our many large format printing partners. Outdoor billboard signs are typically printed on 7oz vinyl that is stretched over the structural frame of the bulletin. This vinyl is treated with a UV coating that protects from fading caused by sunlight, and is strong enough to withstand the rotation process from location to location. If you are supplying your own materials, printed bulletins should be sent to us 5 business days prior to the start of your campaign.

Billboard Signs with Extensions Standout

There is no question that the use of extensions helps your billboard creative stand out. These extensions take an image or copy and extend it from the traditional face of a billboard. It is an excellent strategy to increase the visibility and intrigue of marketing messages at an affordable investment. In Colorado, we are allowed to extend our billboard signs for rent 5’ off of the top, 2’ off of the sides, and 1’ off of the bottom, not exceeding a total of 80 sq ft.

Ready to Connect Your Brand with a Larger Audience? 

With millions of impressions in Colorado every day, our billboard advertising company offers a large inventory of bulletins that are sure to create a lasting impact with potential local customers. Billboard signs remain a simple, effective, and low cost advertising solution. Please contact us online or give our Colorado team a call (303-783-4800) and let us get to work on establishing your brand’s dominance in Colorado!

Word on the Street

What people are saying about Mile High Outdoor

I wanted to send this testimonial based on our past 1+year with your company. Your product on Sheridan and 58th has been great for our 1st year business here in Arvada. It is the primary source of our customer traffic in harmony with our little sign facing west to Ralston. We want your company to know how much we enjoy dealing with Mike, he has gone the extra mile for us and we thank your whole team for being so professional and doing everything you can to take care of us. In this day in age you would be hard pressed to find any company that holds up to your credibility and service. We want to thank you for the rewards and perks you have provided us over the last year, we have really enjoyed them and have had great fun at the events.
Terry & Deb
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