Digital Billboard Advertising in Colorado

Modernize Your Outdoor Advertising

Digital billboards have quickly become one of the most flexible and effective outdoor advertising mediums. They offer some of the best and innovative ways to target and connect with new customers. Whether automatically or on the fly, changes to creative can also be made as frequently as you want in real time, with no additional production or installation fees. Hundreds of companies from a variety of industries in Colorado have already used electronic billboards to dramatically improve their brand awareness and sales. Mile High Outdoor’s network of can’t miss LED electronic billboard displays and unparalleled customer service will help get your brand’s message in front of the Colorado markets that matter most to your business. Interested in seeing what these displays can do for you? Contact us today and let’s chat about it.

The Network or Individual Locations

Mile High Outdoor is the digital billboard leader in the Denver Metro area, and covers two other major markets in Colorado, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs. 

Depending on your particular marketing needs, these 19 electronic billboard faces can be purchased in a network package or geographically specific as individual locations. The network package allows advertisers to target multiple cities at the same time with custom or uniform messaging. This strategy provides mass saturation at a discounted package rate, as well as the opportunity for real time consumer interaction in three markets simultaneously.

Another strategy is to cherry pick individual locations for geographic specificity to the desired target demographic. This enables advertisers to craft unique messaging for the target audience each specific LED billboard reaches.

Either approach provides unlimited creative flexibility, customization based on advertising budget, and an ideal selection of coverage to achieve your digital billboard marketing needs.

Creative Flexibility

Digital billboards offer an endless amount of creative flexibility for your advertising message. Don’t settle on one piece for creative for your program. Rotate multiple versions on one or more LED billboards for greater interaction and message amplification with your potential consumer. These can also be updated in real time, allowing the advertiser to respond to consumer needs, facilitate social media engagement, or provide updates on information. Use of this technology on electronic billboards can feature:

  • Banking or mortgage rates
  • Lottery jackpots
  • Customized product messaging based on weather or temperatures
  • Event countdown
  • Social media updates
  • Live scores or leaderboard updates
  • Day parting (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Live news

Take Advantage of All Digital Billboard Benefits

The Digital Billboard Advertising Advantage

  1. Live updates with RSS feeds connected to the web
  2. Unlimited creative executions rotating on a loop
  3. No printing or install expenses
  4. Vibrant color and high resolution advertising
  5. Same day creative changes

A Nielsen study also recently reported:

  • 63% say digital advertisements capture their attention
  • 42% think digital displays create an image of quality
  • 36% take some action based on seeing electronic billboards

What Are Digital Billboards?

Digital billboards come in two standardized sizes, 10’x30’ (300sqft) and 14’x48’ (672 sqft). Another name for them is digital bulletins or LED billboards. They deliver the advertising message electronically through a high resolution screen. This content is loaded and monitored remotely 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While the majority of LED electronic billboards show static images that rotateon a loop, there are areas in downtown Denver that also allow for full motion in the Theater District. These Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) assets are found in multiple markets throughout Colorado, and have been hand selected to be located in the highest profile locations.

Electronic LED Billboards vs
Traditional Static Billboards

The Similarities

Electronic LED billboards and traditional static billboards offer very similar placement throughout the market, thus targeting very similar traffic patterns and demographics. They both come in the same sizes of 10’x30’ and 14’x48’, making the creative setup identical for both. Electronic LED billboards and traditional static billboards vary from extremely high profile coverage to general market exposure.

The Differences

Digital Billboards offer the ability to change copy almost instantaneously and react to real time events, needs, times of day (day parting), and more. It is real time consumer engagement without any production or installation costs. These electronic LED billboards can also be purchased in a network package, providing coverage throughout the state while maintaining this instantaneous creative flexibility with messaging. Digital LED Electronic billboards have the ability to scroll through multiple advertisers or messages at each location. Static billboards serve one advertiser for a specific period of time, and require physical production and installation. Copy changes require multiple weeks of advanced planning.

Digital Billboard Advertising Provides
Massive Brand Exposure in Colorado

Mile High Outdoor has carefully and strategically selected all of its digital billboard locations to provide an ideal footprint in the Denver Metro area and throughout Colorado. Many locations are situated along highly travelled interstates such as I-25, I-270, and I-76. The surface streets represented are extremely well travelled and the digital billboards are situated at the main choke points of these corridors. Brands can be confident in knowing their exposure in the market is second to none. Whether they are part of a full network program or have cherry picked individual locations, high levels of visibility, impact, and powerful message delivery are guaranteed. 

In Denver alone, we offer coverage spanning from the extremely hard to reach southern and southeastern suburbs, to the Cherry Creek area, the Denver Theater District (downtown), and into the heavily travelled northern suburbs on the interstate. We now even extend our digital footprint into the western suburbs, which are zoned out to billboards. The combination of these metro area digitals deliver over 5,500,000 impressions every 4-weeks.

Ready to Improve Your Brand’s Exposure in Colorado?

Mile High Outdoor’s experienced team and can’t miss electronic billboards are here to help ensure your brand’s message resonates with the right people, in the right market. Please contact us online or give our Colorado team a call (303-783-4800) and let us get to work on establishing your brand’s dominance in Colorado!

Word on the Street

What people are saying about Mile High Outdoor

I wanted to send this testimonial based on our past 1+year with your company. Your product on Sheridan and 58th has been great for our 1st year business here in Arvada. It is the primary source of our customer traffic in harmony with our little sign facing west to Ralston. We want your company to know how much we enjoy dealing with Mike, he has gone the extra mile for us and we thank your whole team for being so professional and doing everything you can to take care of us. In this day in age you would be hard pressed to find any company that holds up to your credibility and service. We want to thank you for the rewards and perks you have provided us over the last year, we have really enjoyed them and have had great fun at the events.
Terry & Deb
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