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Colorado is one of fastest growing states in the country right now with one of the highest population percentage increases (14.5%) in the US. Plus the state welcomes over 86 million tourists every year. This means the Centennial State’s highways and streets are congested with potential customers that Mile High Outdoor’s extensive out-of-home advertising inventory can help you reach. This includes outdoor advertising opportunities in Denver, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado, and Grand Junction. Our can’t miss outdoor media inventory and unparalleled outdoor advertising services are sure to help your brand reach specific demographics and audiences and saturate Colorado with your message.

Mile High’s Out-Of-Home Advertising Services

Mile High Outdoor is able to leverage our full service team with our can’t miss outdoor media inventory of 385 faces including: 

  • 253 Bulletins
  • 16 Digital Bulletins
  • 116 Jr Posters

As part of our out-of-home advertising services, our professionals will take the time to get to know your brand and then will help you select the right outdoor media and location to best achieve your marketing goals. From there marketers can either submit their own advertisement files or work with Mile High Outdoor’s full service creative department to design your billboard. Our outdoor advertising services also include coordinating production, installation, and maintenance of your advertisement. Bottom line: Mile High Outdoor is committed to ensuring all our clients receive the best outdoor advertising services in Colorado with campaigns designed to increase brand awareness and sales.

Our Outdoor Media Inventory


Bulletins deliver brand and campaign impact! We offer both 14’x48’ and 10’x30’ bulletins for advertisers to choose from. Mile High Outdoor has positioned these outdoor media displays on high traffic corridors and key choke points throughout metro and suburban areas across Colorado. The massive scale of this form of outdoor advertising delivers larger than life sized images and messages that break through to the commuting public and potential consumers. To further help advertisers grab the attention of commuters and help your message stand out, our billboards also offer creative flexibility by allowing for extensions or 3D embellishments. Bulletins are typically purchased as rotational programs (rotaries) to help maximize reach within the market and break through to potential consumers. These campaigns are most effective when purchased for 3 months or greater, but can also be impactful on a short term basis, especially if purchased in larger quantities. That being said, these outdoor advertising displays can be purchased on a short term basis or as a permanent billboard all year long.


Mile High Outdoor is the only outdoor advertising company in Colorado to offer 20’x60’ bulletin spectaculars. This form of advertising is also part of the billboard family, and is the largest size available in all of Colorado. They are located on the I-70 corridor and capture the attention of commuters and tourists heading west into the front range mountains, or eastbound traffic headed back towards Denver. Aside from their high profile locations and impression statistics, the 20’x60 bulletin size is what really grabs the consumers’ attention. This is truly a “larger than life” size billboard with tremendous impact and heightened visibility. These spectaculars can be purchased as short term or long term campaigns.

Digital Billboards

Mile High Outdoor is the digital billboard leader in the Denver metro area, and has extensive digital coverage throughout Colorado. Our digital outdoor advertising is offered in two standardized sizes, 14’x48’ and 10’x30’. These billboards can be purchased location specific or as a network of coverage, allowing our advertisers to take advantage of the extensive reach Mile High Outdoor’s Digital OOH advertising network offers. This advertising medium opens up the ability for customers to interact with the traveling public in real time, with almost immediate creative changes, RSS feed technology, or dayparting creative strategy. Some examples of this flexibility includes:

  • Countdowns for events or promotions
  • Creative changes based on weather and temperature
  • Dayparting breakfast, lunch, and dinner advertisements
  • Live updates on scores, jackpots, or mortgage rates
  • Customer photos or contest winners
  • Social media feeds and news updates

 Our ability to react to your needs is precisely why Digital OOH advertising has such a great advantage over other media formats. These digital billboards can run multiple creative executions on one purchased spot, and can change that copy or order automatically. And did we mention there is no production or installation fee?

Jr. Posters

Mile High Outdoor is the only outdoor advertising company in the Denver metro area to offer Jr Posters. This is a high saturation billboard that focuses coverage in urban and industrial areas. These 6’x12’ billboards are able to target the general market population, or can be curated to target specific demographics such as Hispanic and African American consumers. Our Jr Poster inventory is traditionally purchased in larger quantities to take advantage of high reach and frequency numbers, but they can also be bought individually as excellent directional billboards for businesses that lack their own signage.

Out-Of-Home Advertising Coverage

Mile High Outdoor offers excellent outdoor advertising coverage throughout the state of Colorado. These billboards, also known as outlying bulletins, primarily are located on major interstates and highways leading into or out of the target city. The size of the billboards in this category vary, and tend to fluctuate based on the market. While we do have the ability to saturate Colorado’s larger markets with your advertising, much of this inventory is used for directional signage.

Mile High Outdoor’s outdoor advertising coverage includes:

Denver Metro

  • Full metro area outdoor media coverage in a variety of sizes (20’x60’, 14’x48’, 10’x30’)
  • Key corridors and areas include I-25, I-70, Colorado Blvd, 6th Ave, Denver Tech Center, and downtown
  • Digital bulletin leader in the market with 9 metro area locations, one of which can even target the tough to reach Douglas County
  • Poster coverage for full market saturation

Southern Colorado

  • Outdoor media coverage in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Walsenburg, and Canon City
  • Bulletins are located on major interstates and highways and range in size from 14’x48’s to 7’x14’s
  • Digital bulletin coverage available on I-25 heading into Colorado Springs

Grand Junction

  • Comprehensive market coverage on I-70 and major surface streets throughout the market
  • Digital bulletin leader with two extremely high profile 10’x30’ locations in central Grand Junction
  • Dominant and exclusive 10’x30’ static bulletin plant

Northern Colorado

  • Outdoor media coverage throughout northern Colorado including Ft. Collins, Greeley, Brighton, Limon, Hudson, and Sterling
  • Bulletins range in size from 14’x48’ to 12’x24’ and are located along major interstates and highways
  • Coverage not only targets local traffic but are ideal for reaching tourism, agriculture, and the ever growing suburban sprawl

“Creativity without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising.”


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I wanted to send this testimonial based on our past 1+year with your company. Your product on Sheridan and 58th has been great for our 1st year business here in Arvada. It is the primary source of our customer traffic in harmony with our little sign facing west to Ralston. We want your company to know how much we enjoy dealing with Mike, he has gone the extra mile for us and we thank your whole team for being so professional and doing everything you can to take care of us. In this day in age you would be hard pressed to find any company that holds up to your credibility and service. We want to thank you for the rewards and perks you have provided us over the last year, we have really enjoyed them and have had great fun at the events.
Terry & Deb
Simply Storage

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With millions of impressions throughout Colorado every day and one of the most affordable Cost per Thousands (CPM) in marketing, Mile High’s outdoor advertising services and can’t miss outdoor media inventory are sure to help establish your brand’s dominance in Colorado! Please contact us online or give our Colorado team a call (303-783-4800) and let us put Mile High’s outdoor out-of-home advertising network to work for you!